Training guide and simple tricks to win chess game easily

Chess is a brain sharpening game that is played by 2 players who are facing each other. The chessboard has 60 square squares and there is only black and white on the board.

Each player has 16 pieces of chess soldiers, consisting of 1 king, 1 queen, 2 castle, 2 kuncung, 2 horses and 8 pawns.

On both players the army is placed like a letter symbol (from a to h), while the other two sides are marked with numbers (from 1 to 8).

Chess is a much-loved game by the people because it requires a mature strategy to beat their opponents quickly and precisely.

In a game of chess, each step becomes a matter of concern. Because if the wrong step then it will be fatal consequences.

Therefore it is necessary techniques of how to play chess quickly and precisely in playing chess in order to win the game of chess quickly.

The purpose of this game is to turn off the movement of the king (skakmat) by using the basic rules of chess and the correct chess technique.

Before starting a chess game there are several things to consider: setting up a chessboard, placing the position of the soldier in place, designing the strategy to be used.

In playing chess requires the strategy and basic techniques of chess to attack the movement of the opponent. Every movement of the army contains the intent and purpose of our step.

Fighting a strategy while playing chess is one of its own excitement and becomes the hallmark of chess game.

The game of chess in Indonesian is known as chess which in Sanskrit means four.

The meaning of chess is 4 corners in this chess board game. This game has been a very long time since the era where the countries are still in the form of a kingdom.

Nothing wrong if this game is a manifestation of the royal symbol in every chess piece that is played. The game is known to have originated in the Indian imperial era of Gupta before it was finally popularized by Europeans at the beginning of the 19th century.

In English itself is called chess taken from the word shah from Persian.

Chess is known as a game of the brain, which, according to the general view, is able to train the brain’s ability. As for many studies that claim it, that this game is closely related to the development of the ability of the brain.

The brain is an organ that is important enough for humans, all the functions of our body work either consciously or unconsciously influenced by the brain.

Not only IQ in the can, SQ was also influenced by this game. Spritual Question that plays a role in growing spirit or mental motivation of one’s soul can be increased one of them by playing chess.

This is evidenced by Dr. Stefurak, a cognitive neuropsychologist, stated that “instruction in chess stimulates thoughts and emotions to construct mental structures that create self-motivation for self-development to achieve learning achievement in school and in life”.

Playing chess needs to think deeply. Thinking deeply takes a very long time. Not strange if we see that chess lasts for a long time even for hours.

If the match is the master of the international class will definitely take a very long time, even could be until the draw or no win or lose.

This is what makes the players trained patience. Once we are impatient, it will make us take the wrong step.

When you are in need of entertainment and mood is upset, this chess game is perfect to be played on those moments. So if you play chess, automatically disruptive thoughts will disappear by itself.

In this article I will discuss about the technique of playing chess elegant, casual but lethal by doing a strategy that is difficult to guess by the opponent. Focus, concentration and patience in reading the opponent’s movements are needed in this game.

In this chess game requires experience and a high sense of intelligence in the conduct of an onslaught. I got some usefull info like this here and I think there we can find how to get resources for another popular game nowadays.

The first day I play Monster Legends with little trick

For breeding, it’s necessary for you to breed the various elements to receive the best monsters within the game. These will supply the food you must level up your own monsters. The eight sheets detail 16 distinct monsters, with sub-types in some instances.

monster legends game

These games let you have super cool fun with your buddies and get a wonderful time together! Out there, an array of games is normally featured. This really is a very long game with a whole lot of gameplay plus a fun little story. This tale is quite famous and has really been adapted into movies too.

The appeal of contemporary sudoku seems to be infinite and without boundaries. There are 8 primary elements within the game. This could be good for only a little edge if you’re really getting into the game.

This true time strategy game that’s played over a network gives the distinctive RPG browser game experience players want to get. You might also download some cheap Xbox 360 games on the Internet! Players may register free of charge, which gets them to their house within the game. On top of that, this is really an absolutely free mobile game that supplies hours of replay value, something which is uncommon in lots of the different android and iOS games you’ll find.

You wouldn’t think that this type of creature would really be an urban legend because of their appearance in folklore alongside sightings by a variety of people. Below are some urban legends that I’ve come across. It is a particularly tough state to talk about with respect to urban legends.

To acquire these games for zero charge, you must visit a reputable gaming site. As an issue of reality, you may possibly have played this game as it is so renowned online.

The rest of the absolutely free Pokemon games could be played immediately utilizing the browser. That’s ways to get absolutely free Pokemon games online to begin with. It’ll be better in the event the timer displayed for the following game at Soul Wars. The next reason why there are lots of completely free Pokemon games now is due to the internet itself.

This game continues to be amazing. Whatever Spacetime Studios had implemented in their game, they’ve surely made successful! I need to admit that somehow today’s game doesn’t seem completely perfect. A very long game, it’ll make sure that you remain busy for days.

When you’re trying to find a mobile game download, you’re going to find that for every legitimate gem in the marketplace, there is going to be a sea of titles that quickly wind up erased off your device. Actually, users will see that the archetypal narration and mood from the earliest version of the game are found within the mobile version, which helps to make it one of the highest choices you’re going to find in a cell title. The great thing is that portion of the game is wholly optional. Overall it’s a relatively normal game, it’s the optimal/optimally FREE MMORPG I’ve played, and I’d recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money at the moment, but wishes to pass away the hours having fun. Just more info there

The Great Air Fighters for Android And Also Addictive Game – 8Ball Pool

Adventure and fight is always a good pair for excellent game and you now can have it from the Air Fighter for android. This Air Fighter is a really interesting game about a ship adventure that tries to save the space station from the unidentified invader. You have to protect the space ship with all that you have got. You will be needed to drive a armed plane that will be used for fighting the attack of the unidentified invaders so the space station will remain in safe condition.

The Features of the Air Fighter for Android

When you play the Air Fighter for android, there are many fine features that you will acquire. First, you will get the challenging game play that will make you feel thrilled and excited. The adventure will take you to many stages with many different kinds of enemies. You will also face many bosses that commonly come with special attack for compared to the common pawns that you find in the way toward the end of the stages.

The style of the design of the characters that you use in the Air Fighter for android is really interesting. The design comes with high details that will make your plane will not look like a flying board. It has really interesting design that will resemble the future plan that has been imagined by many people and when you want to know more about the design of the plane and the enemies, you should play this Air Fighter game as soon as possible.

The last feature from the Air Fighter for androidis the great graphics which are given too. As the shape of the planes and enemy which is great, you will also have some wonderful special effects that you find in this game. The special effect when you destroy the enemies or when you do your special attack will surely make you feel amazed and pleased with the view.

Now, it is time for you to install the Air Fighter for androidbecause I believe there will be more excitements that you will get from the real action that you do in the game. There will be more interesting story to be known, more wonderful weapon features, and more wonderful bosses that you will find and make you want to play this game more and more. The Air Fighter from android is the best choice for adventure in the space that you have in your phone. Before that you must be find a lot of info about all updates for this game, and also 8 ball pool game. Try to find useful information about how to collect resources or level up faster with little effort.

Great Adventure in Dragon Mania Legend for Android

Are you thirsty of adventure in your Smartphone? If you want to get more adventure, the Dragon City for androidis the new sensation that you have to try. This game is an adventure game which is made with really interesting appearance and cool story. There are many new things which are invented in this adventure game that makes other adventure games look inferior compared to this game. Now, let us find out what best things which are preserved for us in this Clash of Dragon.

The Great Features from the Dragon City

There will be so many excitements and pleasure when you play this Dragon Mania Legends for android. First, from the graphics itself, you will get a high detailed texture for the characters in the game. The colorfulness of this game is really pleasing to the eyes that will make us feel never bored. The detail is sharp and bright so it will not annoy our eyes. Then, the sound effects which are put in this game are wonderful from every kinds of sound like a sound of fights or sound of speech. You will surely fall in love with this game.

This Dragon City for androidactually is a game which comes with a great story in it. The story of this game is the invasion of the evil white walkers who want to conquer the world and make the world bow to their knee. Actually, as human, we have to fight in protecting the reign of mankind in the world. In doing the mission, you need to do some activities like night’s watch, defending wall and mankind itself.

Then, in doing the mission for defending the mankind, you will play the characters that will also wield many kind of equipment. You will need to find the best equip that will make your characters strong and cannot be beaten easily. Not only with the equip, but in this Dragon Mania Legends for android, you will also be able to increase the hero that you use so you will have stronger hero to fight the enemy. This Dragon Mania Legend game will surely provide you with really interesting game that will not make you feel bored for a long time.

Now, as you have known a little about the Dragon Mania Legends for android, I think it is better for you to prove the greatness of this game. There are many surprises and unpredictable things that will make you more zealous to play this game. The Dragon Mania Legend in android will give you new excitement in today’s life. To make it much more fun, you will now try this great Dragon City easy hack tool to generate as much as you need it’s resources for free.

My Singing Monsters Hack No Survey – Unlimited Diamonds, Coins and Feeds

This is the online cheat tool for my singing monsters. It was hacked by our team.
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Learn more about My Singing Monsters Game:

My Singing Monsters is a world-building music game where you collect and breed your own adorable monster mash. Each monster has a unique song, sound and personality, allowing you to create your own digital monster orchestra. Breed them or purchase them at the shop and watch them sing, play and dance. Don’t forget to feed and level up your monsters to make them perform better.

Each island has its own song and is packed full of incredibly cute monsters to entertain you! Download My Singing Monsters and you are certain to fall in love with this unique game!


• 30+ epic and unreal monster species. Collect them all!
• Combine your monsters to make new ones!
• Amazing art, animation, and audio effects
• Gain levels to unlock more monsters and stuff!
• Creative lush islands, each island having its own unique theme and monster environment
• Numerous decorations and structures that affect each monster
• Create unique landscapes and sound combinations
• 3D sound with many unique songs
• Quest-based tutorials for beginners
• Achievements and rewards
More monsters, islands and music content coming every week
• Get social with Facebook and Twitter features
• Casual game with RPG and tap coin collection mechanics
• An awesome experience for all ages: children and adults.

Populate an island and watch what happens. Create unique havens by landscaping and arranging your creatures. Name them, feed them, make them happy; each monster is loaded with personality. You’ll experience game play and music as never before with this innovative technology!

The Best Android Games Of 2015

Best android game 2015

Best android game 2015 – At times, you get simply what you spend for in the sense which you get some good games for cash. You can find many fantastic games upon Android, but you ought to spend bit money and you will enjoy a handful of games on your cellular phone. You can simply download several of the best Android games and initiate playing these people. Here are some of the finest Android games of 2015.
Best android game 2015
A basically ingenious game that’s easy to enjoy, but that is tough to master, Threes includes a four simply by four Power Company and an amount of sliding ceramic tiles for the tools that you will be using to try out the game. Each of these types of numbered floor tiles can be mixed only with one more type of porcelain tile. At this point, it will become a single floor tile and their beliefs add up to the constituents. The main idea guiding the game is to retain playing this. The sound effects, audio, etc. are only the icing in the cake.
Monument Valley
There are several debates about whether Android games might be artistic along with Monument Valley checks the “art” container. It is a fine and a stunning arcade experience game that features the efforts of a beautiful little princess to explore ancient monuments. Monument Valley has been created carefully, attentively, and the encounter throughout will be reflective. The buildings move while you drag and also spin the factors.
Every now and then, the puzzle game seems that would not just let you get of it. You’ll work with vague ideas in this game, even if you would need to lower discs and really should the number of any kind of disc certainly not match with the compact disk count in its column or perhaps row, it might explode. If you would like the face amount revealed, then you need to make the dreary blocks have got two adjoining explosions. It is 1 of the best Android vague ideas around.
Angry birds – Star Wars II
Here’s something for fervent gamers of Angry Birds. The follow up to Angry Birds – Star Wars My partner and I improves about the design suggestions of the game. The sequel for you to the game comes with figure packs along with level branching that permit you to swap and attempt out distinct strategies. This particular game is a perfect complement for the fans of Darth Maul. In the event you thought that the titular birds had been way too angry, then you’ve the opportunity to get payback on them at this time with this Android game. That’s all about Best android game 2015.

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