Training guide and simple tricks to win chess game easily

Chess is a brain sharpening game that is played by 2 players who are facing each other. The chessboard has 60 square squares and there is only black and white on the board.

Each player has 16 pieces of chess soldiers, consisting of 1 king, 1 queen, 2 castle, 2 kuncung, 2 horses and 8 pawns.

On both players the army is placed like a letter symbol (from a to h), while the other two sides are marked with numbers (from 1 to 8).

Chess is a much-loved game by the people because it requires a mature strategy to beat their opponents quickly and precisely.

In a game of chess, each step becomes a matter of concern. Because if the wrong step then it will be fatal consequences.

Therefore it is necessary techniques of how to play chess quickly and precisely in playing chess in order to win the game of chess quickly.

The purpose of this game is to turn off the movement of the king (skakmat) by using the basic rules of chess and the correct chess technique.

Before starting a chess game there are several things to consider: setting up a chessboard, placing the position of the soldier in place, designing the strategy to be used.

In playing chess requires the strategy and basic techniques of chess to attack the movement of the opponent. Every movement of the army contains the intent and purpose of our step.

Fighting a strategy while playing chess is one of its own excitement and becomes the hallmark of chess game.

The game of chess in Indonesian is known as chess which in Sanskrit means four.

The meaning of chess is 4 corners in this chess board game. This game has been a very long time since the era where the countries are still in the form of a kingdom.

Nothing wrong if this game is a manifestation of the royal symbol in every chess piece that is played. The game is known to have originated in the Indian imperial era of Gupta before it was finally popularized by Europeans at the beginning of the 19th century.

In English itself is called chess taken from the word shah from Persian.

Chess is known as a game of the brain, which, according to the general view, is able to train the brain’s ability. As for many studies that claim it, that this game is closely related to the development of the ability of the brain.

The brain is an organ that is important enough for humans, all the functions of our body work either consciously or unconsciously influenced by the brain.

Not only IQ in the can, SQ was also influenced by this game. Spritual Question that plays a role in growing spirit or mental motivation of one’s soul can be increased one of them by playing chess.

This is evidenced by Dr. Stefurak, a cognitive neuropsychologist, stated that “instruction in chess stimulates thoughts and emotions to construct mental structures that create self-motivation for self-development to achieve learning achievement in school and in life”.

Playing chess needs to think deeply. Thinking deeply takes a very long time. Not strange if we see that chess lasts for a long time even for hours.

If the match is the master of the international class will definitely take a very long time, even could be until the draw or no win or lose.

This is what makes the players trained patience. Once we are impatient, it will make us take the wrong step.

When you are in need of entertainment and mood is upset, this chess game is perfect to be played on those moments. So if you play chess, automatically disruptive thoughts will disappear by itself.

In this article I will discuss about the technique of playing chess elegant, casual but lethal by doing a strategy that is difficult to guess by the opponent. Focus, concentration and patience in reading the opponent’s movements are needed in this game.

In this chess game requires experience and a high sense of intelligence in the conduct of an onslaught. I got some usefull info like this here and I think there we can find how to get resources for another popular game nowadays.